ASUU is unrealistic


I am sick and tired of the complete fools that comprise ASUU. One broken promise after another wasting

time and money.

Their latest installment of crap ideas is requiring each student to have health

insurance. On paper this sounds like a great idea. Who wouldn’t love to have health insurance? But just like Communism, the implementation of such a requirement is far too pragmatic because of out of pocket expense to already financially strapped students.

The ironic thing is that students have already voiced their opinions telling ASUU not to require insurance. But because of ASUU’s overinflated egos,

they did not listen and are sending out yet another worthless survey (at least the survey is worth more than the whole of ASUU combined!).

They are sending out about 750 surveys to a student body of nearly 30,000. Does anyone else see that there is a problem with this miniscule sampling of people deciding the fate of the rest of the students at the U? If ASUU had any brains, they would have listened to the students in the first place and dropped the issue.

Since they didn’t, they might as well make the survey available to all students or even better, draft a bill the students could vote on during the elections. That way at least more of the students would at least have access to voicing their opinions, once again, that it is a horrific idea to require students to have insurance.

I support myself 100 percent financially through school. I am also fortunate enough to have health insurance, but if push came to shove, I would be devastated if I could no longer attend the U just because I do not have insurance.

So everyone find John Poleman or whoever our ASUU president is, and let them know to get off their high horse and face the sad reality that not everyone can afford health insurance or ask them to pick up the tab for you-either way.

Spencer ThomasSophomore History/Communication