Money talk

U administrators will host a meeting discussing increases in tuition for the 2006-2007 school year on Thursday.

Truth in Tuition will be held Thursday in the Panoramic East room in the Union at 2 p.m. The public, especially students, is invited to attend.

Paul Brinkman, associate vice president for budget and planning, said second-tier changes in tuition will be discussed in the meeting.

“Second-tier tuition is tuition that is directly connected with the individual institution,” he said. “It will finance programs that were not funded by the state Legislature.”

That is why the meeting is held directly after the end of the annual legislative session-so university needs left without money can still be taken care of.

Brinkman also said the meeting would provide an opportunity for students to voice concerns and opinions about rising tuition costs.

However, first-tier tuition-which is set by the Board of Regents on a percentage basis for all Utah institutions-will not be as fully discussed because it is out of the university’s control.

Brinkman said he expected raises in second-tier tuition to be fairly substantial, but declined to estimate exactly how much because the legislative session had not yet ended.

“If the Legislature had been more generous, then second-tier tuition would be lower,” he said.

The meeting will also discuss the university’s standing nationwide in regard to tuition and student fees.

ASUU president, Ali Hasain, and vice president, John Poelman, will be present to answer questions about increases and decreases in fees.

“We will present our proposal and then listen,” Brinkman said. “Comments could have some future impact on decisions and will help us better understand student wants and opinions.”

“The Truth in Tuition meeting is a great way to keep administrators honest and students informed,” Poelman said. “I honestly believe administrators are trying to keep the cost down.”