Seven minutes in heaven

By By Andreas Petersen

By Andreas Petersen

Last Monday night, U filmmaker Kelly King offered the public a chance to take part in the process of making a film.

King’s film, “Let ?Go,” a seven-minute short, premiered at the Tower Theater, and before the ?movie started, comment cards were distributed to be filled out at the end of the movie.

The film tells the story of an unnamed man whose wife of two weeks has recently passed away in a car crash, hitting an oncoming car driven by her sister. Wrecked by sheer coincidence and an insurmountable feeling of loss, the man buries himself in his apartment and the memory of the first time he and his wife met. From here on out, the film teaches the audience that though it’s hard to not remember, eventually all people must “let go” of what they have lost.

John Lawrence and Christina Torriente play their parts in the film realistically, exhibiting believable chemistry in their playful banter-something most actors, not just those in student films and shorts, have a hard time doing.

After the film was finished, King invited the audience to participate in a Q&A session. One audience member asked King where he got the idea for the movie.

“The film started off as a metaphor,” King said, describing a single moment he shared with a woman that was gone just as soon as it started. “This film is a metaphor of those truths we can’t deny and the moments that won’t let go.”

After the Q&A, audience members handed their comment cards to one of the film’s producers, J.J. Gerber. King said that he would be tweaking the movie based on the comments and planned on finishing it soon.

You can watch King’s previous work, as well as a trailer for “Let Go,” at The film will be shown again tonight at 6:30 p.m. in the Behavioral Sciences Auditorium.