Wilson needs to stop dealing in absolutes


First of all, I would like to reply to Brian Newson’s letter regarding Kellen Wilson (“Wilson should have a gay kid,” March 2). I can sum up my argument in one thought: I wouldn’t wish to subject any child to Kellen Wilson, let alone a homosexual child.

Secondly, I would like to share a thought I had regarding Wilson with the faithful readers of The Chrony-I couldn’t help but notice that Wilson is studying Spanish.

I’m sure everyone is aware, as all the voices in my head agree, that there are two sides to Spanish. There is a light side and a dark side, much like my morning toast.

Unlike my morning toast, however, the dark side of Spanish does not taste good with raspberry jelly or anything else, for that matter. But I?digress.

Kellen Wilson seems to deal frequently in absolutes-e.g., if you support hard-waiver health insurance, or you’re a communist. Only a Spanish student who has been seduced by dark Spanish deals in absolutes.

Therefore, I conclude that Wilson is, in fact, a dark Spanish lord and must be destroyed before he disrupts the balance of the Spanish.

David Page?Junior, Biology