BLOC Party leaders: We did not mean to act unethically


We, as president, vice president and senior class president candidates in this year’s ASUU election, in no way tried to create an unfair advantage for ourselves.

We were given a budget of our own raised money to work with to create the most effective campaign strategy possible. In an effort to spend as little as possible and make the most use of the money we had, we shopped around and used the best deal offered to us on the printing of banners. We received a very low price on these materials and were able to negotiate a deal which kept us within our budget.

We acknowledge that we were given a deal that is not offered to all buyers and recognize that this did give us an unfair marketing advantage. This was not done intentionally to create an unfair election.

We apologize to our candidates, supporters and the student body and especially to our opponents, The Big Idea Party, for this mistake.

We promise you that it was not our intention to be unethical in any way. We would much rather lose with integrity than win unfairly.

A punishment has been dealt, and most likely our names will not appear on the ballot.

We will now move forward with the consequences. We have learned a great deal from this experience, and we feel that we will be better people and leaders because of it.

We continue to seek your support in this election by writing us in the ballot as your President Jake Kirkham, Vice President Toby Collett and Senior Class President Mindy Chidester on March 7 and 8.

Jacob Kirkham, BLOC Party presidential candidateToby Collett, BLOC Party vice presidential candidateMindy Chidester, BLOC Party senior class presidential candidate