May the annoying BLOC Party lose

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This year, the party with the least annoying campaign will get my vote. This is why the BLOC-head Party will probably lose; it is really annoying.

First, where did the BLOC Party learn to frame a photo? It looks like whoever was holding the camera almost missed your face, people. I don’t know if you are just “challenged” or you were going for artsy-but either way, you failed. I want to know what the left half of my representative’s face looks like.

Second, I don’t see any yellow shirts all over campus, period. It’s almost as the Big Idea Party’s members are trying so say, “I’m not going to waste money on a stupid things that won’t matter after two weeks.” They are money savers, and that is a plus in my book. If they aren’t wasting money now, chances are they won’t be inclined to waste it later, when it matters.

Third, the name BLOC Party makes me think someone is nostalgic for a Soviet Era dictatorship. ??

Fourth, where are yellow team’s tables to give me free stuff?

What? You mean they are actually campaigning on principles and not trying to buy me off?

Some of you might think that is a fatal error on their part, but that just makes you a sheepish idiot. The Big Idea at the very most thinks we will actually look at the issues and at the very least has enough respect to see that I won’t be bought off by 10 cents’ worth of pancake batter.

Finally, I looked at each roster, and I just don’t like?the people on the BLOC Party. They are, for the most part, a bunch of fools.

But sadly, as Mark Twain put it, “With arrogance and ignorance, success is assured.” In that respect alone, the BLOC Party has the advantage.

Ryan Dark?Senior, Physics/Mechanical Engineering