Student group encourages students to improve the quality of their rest

By Jasmine Pourpak

There’s no use asking whether or not college students get enough sleep-the answer is a resounding no.

But Speak Out, a U student group that works with the Office of Health Promotion, believes the quality of sleep students do get can be improved.

“Students think sleep is something they can get by without, but it’s detrimental in more ways than one,” said Jason Gillman, program manager for the Office of Health Promotion. “The sleep promotion day will help (students) understand how to get the most out of (their) sleep.”

The group is sponsoring a sleep promotion day called “Get your ZZZs, Get your As” at the Union on April 4 to teach students ways to improve their sleep and consequently perform better academically. Sleep difficulty is one of the biggest reasons that students at the U perform poorly in class, the group said.

The event will include presentations from a physician, registered dietician, health educators and exercise instructors on how students can achieve better sleep. Information will also be given about common sleep disorders, as well as stress- and time-management skills.

Free food and prize giveaways, including an iPod and a LoveSac, will be offered to encourage attendance.