Musical troupe to ‘blast’ into Kingsbury Hall

By Sarah Anderson

Blast!, a group performing this weekend at Kingsbury Hall, seems to have developed a new performance genre-one could call it Marching Band Chic.

Composed of 35 brass, percussion and visual performers, the group is a cross between your high school marching band during a football game halftime and “Stomp.” Although the inspiration for Blast! was your average marching band, the group now tackles jazz, techno, world beat, the blues and other forms of music. And though this ensemble plays many familiar tunes, it gives each composition an original spin, with dramatic staging, irresistible rhythm and humorous use of props.

What began as the Star of Indiana drum corps has become a riveting display of musical ability and showmanship. Past performances have included flags, didgeridoos, vibraphones, cages and glowing light rods.