CP80 Initiative not about censorship

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I am writing in response to Andrew Nelson’s letter (“Porn is a right, not a sin,” April 13).

Your argument appears to be based upon a single quote by a professor who characterizes the notion of addiction to porn as “complete rubbish.” If a professor said it, it must be true, right? Nice quote, but you failed to acknowledge rebuttal arguments from other accomplished professionals.

The overwhelming preponderance of authoritative medical professionals agrees that online pornography carries a high potential for addiction. There is no shortage of evidence to support these findings.

You claimed many experts believe online porn lowers instances of rape, yet offered no citations to support such a claim. How unfortunate. Please allow me to offer the following on your behalf: In 1983, noted feminist Thelma McCormack published a study stating: “Pornography may have a cathartic quality capable of reducing instances of rape.”

Was that what you had in mind? Well then, in the interest of professional and academic transparency, let it be noted that experts advancing this claim (including McCormack) concede the difficulty in substantiating such notions with objective evidence.

By the way, it seems I owe you a debt of gratitude. Prior to viewing your rebuttal, I was not familiar with CP80 or the CP80 Initiative. After reading your assertions that the initiative may, in fact, be “guise to censor adults,” my curiosity was spurred, and I visited the Web site.

I actually found it quite informative, though I was left with a few lingering questions:

1) Have you actually visited the Web site?

2) How accurately do you think you comprehended what CP80 is attempting to do?

It doesn’t want to stop anyone from viewing porn; rather, it is attempting to allow consumers the option of not receiving online porn in their homes and businesses without assuming the cost of filters or other software.

The next time you attempt to inspire public outrage, please find some original method and refrain from playing the “CENSORSHIP!” card.

Cheryl S. Smith? Senior, Political Science