The Chronicle is more inept and corrupt than ASUU

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The Daily Utah Chronicle has really outdone itself this time. A final exclamation of the year-long barrage of unwarranted and often laughable house editorials written by The Chrony’s Senior staff came in the April 20 editorial, “ASUU: mad geniuses.”

Said The Chrony editors: “ASUU has lots of power and zero accountability?ASUU is inept and corrupt, but somehow it remains in power, deflecting all criticism.”

Sounds a lot like a certain campus newspaper. At least ASUU leaders are elected by the student body. The Chronicle is force-fed into the halls of this university with no general student validation of its product at all. At least ASUU collected the votes. All The Chronicle did was collect its annual University Publications Council funding-something that an increasing number of students would cut if given the option. But alas, it is not an option.

The Daily Utah Chronicle rolls on as the “University of Utah’s Independent Student Voice.” Says who? It’s certainly not my voice.

The Chronicle would do well to re-evaluate its own performance before aimlessly attacking the organization next door with badly misinformed and blatantly biased opinion editorials.

Silly rabbit. Understanding and tact are for legitimate newspapers.

Adam ReiserSenior, Political Science