The Chronicle needs to stop publishing hateful letters


I just wanted to thank The Chrony for wasting its time and mine by continuously printing all the disgusting opinions of J.D. Bowns and Kellen Wilson. Their dedication to racism, ignorance and hatred is obvious in their never-ending letters.

It’s sad to see that bigots have so much to share with so little wisdom. How much suffering do your readers need to go through before it ends?

Enough already, everyone knows they hate people of color, the poor, LGBT, etc. I have already heard their arguments from violent hate groups like the KKK. Stop trying to justify your prejudices!

It’s depressing to see that several years at an institution of higher learning hasn’t given students more insight to life and the obstacles people face unwillingly. Don’t these guys have homework, friends, families or jobs? Why do they have so much spare time to spread hatred? ?

Tung ThantrongSenior, Philosophy