Thanks for help on Discover U Days (new letter)

Editor: Thanks to everyone who helped to make the first Discover U Days a success. A lot of people spent long hours and hard work to make sure the events were presented to the community in the best possible way. The lesson learned from this effort is that cooperation and open dialogue are keys to success. Friday’s keynote and breakout sessions were very interesting, but not without controversy. Larry Miller’s invitation to speak about why he values higher education and invests so much in the U drew opposition from people on campus and the community. However, an open dialogue before his speech and a respectful protest during the event made many people feel better for having listened to each other. It was a great example of the dynamic, diverse discourse that takes place on college campuses. Saturday’s events were a challenge to organize because several other events were scheduled before, during and after Discover U Days activities. But the challenge was met because of help from ASUU and the Union staff. My thanks to them for their willingness to communicate and work together. It was exciting to see the events come together so successfully. We look forward to making sure Discover U Days is a successful annual event so the community can get to know the U better and enjoy the cultural, educational and recreational benefits of living near a major research university. Coralie A. Alder, chairDiscover U Days