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Is it good that the Senate rejected the Federal Marriage Amendment?

By Jessica Fawson

Families are the fundamental building blocks of society.

Without heterosexuals, our society would cease to exist, as you can’t have a new generation without children. The attempt to amend the United States Constitution to define marriage as between a man and woman was an attempt to save our society-not only from moral decline, but also from extinction.

The future of this nation depends on women having children. Studies, as well as common knowledge, support that children born to a father and mother are typically better all around: They graduate high school, get jobs and generally contribute to society.

Why, then, shouldn’t our society reward married couples with things like tax breaks when they are providing the work force and citizens of tomorrow?

This is the reason that, throughout history, marriage has been defined as between a man and woman. Every civilization has understood that without marriage, there would be fewer children, which would lead to a decline in the civilization. Children are the most important commodity any nation can have.

This is not to say that non-married couples or alternate families don’t have benefits too, but simply that the traditional family-led by a male and female-is the strongest unit.

We should all hope that marriage is not an “evolving paradigm,” as a supreme court justice in Massachusetts recently wrote, because no other type of union has proven as universally beneficial to society.

Marriage, though, is more than childbearing: It is a legal and (hopefully) spiritual union where commitments are given and agreements are made. The institution of marriage is a revered ceremony rooted in tradition and founded in moral principles. Before laws recognized marriage, it was recognized by religion. For those of you who may believe that the institution of marriage is just the result of religions in the United States trying to make their own rules and that it violates the separation of church and state written in the constitution, I would remind you that the founding fathers wrote of God-is that not in some way religious?

Marriage must be protected from a world in which causal sex is the norm and the divorce rate is incredibly high. A loving relationship where two members of the opposite sex are bound together in marriage is an asset our society cannot afford to lose; this basic unit makes up communities, which, in turn, make up every group of our society. If we lose the basic unit, we will owe to that loss increased crime rates and a host of other societal ills.

I do not consider most Americans to be bigots or unkind. Most of us are just trying to survive every day-we care very little about what is going on around us until we become affected. Therefore, I do not believe this amendment would lead to gays and lesbians being unfairly targeted.

In a state where this has passed as a constitutional amendment, there have not been uprisings to persecute or target those groups; they have been left alone. This amendment is about protecting the family, not about making life more difficult for minority groups.

Marriage has been-and should be-for heterosexual couples that make the choice to legalize their relationships. This amendment-rejected, but not dead-was a necessary and important step for our nation.

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