Click,’ click, BOOM!


Columbia Pictures

Directed by Frank Coraci

Written by Steve Koren and Mark O’Keefe

Starring: Adam Sandler, Kate Beckinsale, Christopher Walken, David Hasselhoff and Henry Winkler

Rated PG-13/98 minutes

Opened June 23, 2006

Two-and-a-half out of four stars

Adam Sandler’s “Click” clicks right into place alongside his other movies.

It tells the story of a typically sweet man who’s prone to the occasional psychotic episode of violence and vulgarity-only this time, he has a universal remote control that allows him to hide that fact from the people he loves and works with.

Lucky them.

They don’t have to endure the scene in which Sandler squats in front of his frozen boss’s face and rips a fart that could tear a hole in the fabric of space and time.

Perhaps that’s how Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock were able to send each other letters in “The Lake House.”

Michael Newman (Sandler) receives that remote from Morty (Christopher Walken), a tap-happy, go-go-gadget scientist who resides in the “beyond” section of Bed, Bath and Beyond.

“It’s a universal remote to control your universe,” Morty tells him with that stop-and-go verbal cadence Walken uses when he really wants us to look at him weird. No tough feat.

Michael can point the remote at his wife (Kate Beckinsale), hit fast-forward and skip a whole fight. He can even fast-forward through their sex, which makes any sane, hot-blooded male in the audience slap his forehead in disbelief.

Gaps of credibility aside, “Click” has a lot of laughs, mostly on the front end, as Michael discovers all the neat things he can do with his cool gadget (he can even turn on a commentary track narrated by James Earl Jones).

The clashing streaks of vulgarity and maudlin sentimentality aren’t as funny as in “Big Daddy” and “The Benchwarmers” (which didn’t star Sandler, but was produced by him), and we’re asked to swallow a bunch of heartwarming tripe at the end when Michael learns that by skipping the small stuff, he misses what makes life worth living.

Maybe next time Morty can give the remote to someone who isn’t an idiot.

“Sandler, I swear, man-if you tell these women that this is NOT the casting center for “Baywatch 2020,” I will shove that remote control so far up your?.” Hasslehoff gets defensive in “Click.”