Questions and Answers with Trevor Snarr

By By Jenny Willden

By Jenny Willden

1. Why did you decide to attend the U? “I was raised a Utah man. Ever since I was little, my dad took me to the Huntsman Center. It’s more based out of a family tradition. None of my brothers went to the U, and I wanted to make my dad proud.”

2. What are your hobbies?”I like extreme sports. The other day, I went cliff jumping, did a back flip off a 60-foot cliff and cracked a rib. I do scratchboard art as well; my genre is LDS temples. I like any type of artwork, but scratchboard is a cool, classy medium.”

3. What have you learned from the Air Force?”The biggest thing, from my experience, is people really don’t know a lot about our military. They assume I fly. It’s funny that people have a small understanding of what the Air Force is about.”

4. Where do you eventually want to work?”I am interested in working for a firm or a corporate; I want to change the world with fiber optics. Also, I’m working on a project for a new Internet port.”

5. Do you plan to move back to Los Angeles?”I will probably stay here if I am booking here, but right now it is my degree and nothing else.”

6. How did you start acting?”I just tried to get in. I was in the Air Force as well, and I tried acting the same year as the military. I was sent to an audition for Napoleon Dynamite, and it turned into a big film.”

7. Any upcoming acting roles?”I just got asked to do a cameo in Louisiana. I’ll continue to go with it as long as I get work.”

8. Any other famous people in your family?”My dad, Dan Snarr, is the mayor of Murray. He has been for 12 years.”