Students rush to join LDS sororities and fraternities

By By Travis Currit

By Travis Currit

While many U students spent the day before school grabbing school supplies, adjusting their schedules, or getting in one last party, hundreds gathered at the Huntsman Center and the LDS Institute looking for something else: friendship, involvement, spirituality and, perhaps, a future mate.

Lambda Delta Sigma, the LDS woman’s sorority, opened Rush Week Tuesday night at the Huntsman Center with chapter tours, where hopefuls talk with current members of the 17 chapters to decide which they will want to join.

Meanwhile, Sigma Gamma Chi, the male LDS fraternity, previewed the chapter introduction videos to be officially shown tomorrow during its similar activity.

Drawn in by advertising, friends or word of mouth, the future members came in search of fun and a connection to campus.

“I came just to get involved. I know it’s a commuter school, and I heard this was a good way to get beyond that,” said Adria Gardner, a freshman majoring in family and consumer studies.

In addition to ushering new members into these organizations, Rush Week is “the most fun week of the year,” said Laura Blake, Lambda Delta Sigma Communications Officer. The events are open to all comers, and regularly attract large crowds of non-affiliated students, especially the Rush Carnival on Thursday night.

The events are free to the public, though rushing costs $10, in addition to the $35 semester fee to be in a fraternity or sorority. The chapters meet once a week on either Wednesdays or Thursdays for one hour.

Most who rush are LDS freshmen, though Laura Kezerian and Jordan Judkins, the respective presidents of Lambda Delta Sigma and Sigma Gamma Chi, stressed that all students, regardless of age or religion, are welcome to rush. While most events open with a prayer, the main focus is on fun and fellowship, and Sigma Gamma Chi has had non-LDS members in the past.

Those looking to get involved who cannot make it to this week’s activities can join the Informal Rush on Aug. 29 and 30.

“Get in how you can. It’s great; my fraternity has made my university experience worthwhile,” said Spencer Daw, sophomore in political science and Middle East studies who joined through informal rush last year.

Other events in the week include a barbeque on the institute’s east lawn Wednesday night and a carnival in the same location Thursday from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Lennie Mahler

Lambda Delta Sigma communications officer Laura Blake holds a sign for group number nine among groups of rush candidates during an LDS sorority rush event at the Huntsman Center on Tuesday evening.