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By By Stephanie Gattly

By Stephanie Gattly

The David Eccles School of Business recently received a $13.25-million donation to help create a new entrepreneur center.The donation from alumnus Pierre Lassonde is one of the largest the business school has received from an individual donor.The newly renamed Pierre Lassonde Entrepreneur Center will become the largest such center in the United States.The center will combine the Utah Entrepreneur Center and the Lassonde New Venture Development Company. It will also oversee the Utah Entrepreneur Challenge, Opportunity Quest, Launch Pad and a series of guest speakers.This center will combine several of the business school’s programs to better serve students and give students an opportunity to get a hands-on experience, said Lindsay Allen, marketing director for the School of Business.”Our students currently enjoy access to one of the most innovative and hands-on business school approaches in the country,” said Jack Brittain, dean of the School of Business, and this gift “ensures future generations of David Eccles School students will receive unparalleled practical learning.”The new center will also have an impact on students outside the business field, said Clayton Perkins, a senior in business.”The new (center) will encourage students to use a hands-onapproach to becoming innovative leaders,” Perkins said,” and, in general, the U will become more prestigious for its exceptional academic offering.”