Excuses, excuses? P.O. officers are guilty


I find it disgusting that The Chronicle will go out on a limb and publish an obviously biased column from Lindsey Sine (“Presenter’s Office blame game doesn’t solve anything,” Aug. 24), who admits she was involved in the incident last year. The argument she makes that Andy Murphy did not know the office was overspending because no one told him is ludicrous.

He was the director of the P.O. It was his responsibility to know what was going on. We trusted him and the P.O. to do the bidding of the students. Now-and the freshmen should be mad about this-all future functions are going to require an entrance fee. Will someone please explain to me what I give more than $450 in fees for?

I call on ASUU to correct this problem. 1) If Andy Murphy is still in a position over a budget, fire him. His past experience is the best determinate for his future performance. 2) If there is truly a problem with the system, as I’m sure there is in the dysfunctional ASUU, fix it.

Justin Miller

Senior, Sociology