U medical employees awarded for superior service

By By Natalie Hale

By Natalie Hale

At a recent awards ceremony, 10 U health sciences employees received district awards.

Jean Hemenway from the department of internal medicine, Rita Litas from the School of Medicine’s dean’s office, Louanna Theurer from the surgical department and Nancy Parker from the College of Health’s dean’s office all received awards for the health sciences district.

District awards for the hospitals and clinics include Julia Canfield from surgical services, Penny Milne from the Newborn Intensive Care Unit, Izeta Petrovic from environmental services, Kim Phillips from the Solid Organ Transplant program, Debbie St. Clair from the Surgical Intensive Care Unit and Cindy Terrill from pediatric dialysis.

All 10 recipients are eligible for the Presidential Staff Awards, where they will compete with five other district-nominated employees.

There are six winners of the Presidential Staff Awards, which are dedicated to recognizing superior service and staff dedication by the U’s full-time employees.

Winners receive a $3,000 honorarium and a commemorative plaque, and their names will be added to a perpetual plaque that contains the names of all past recipients of the awards.