The Wait isn’t over

By By Jesse Peterson

By Jesse Peterson


The Wait

Side One Dummy Records

Two and a half out of five

Zox will play at Redfest this year. Will its presence (along with the other bands’) justify the decision to make students pay for the concert?

Zox’s newest release, The Wait, features an eclectic admixture of various styles. Most predominant on the album are the pop, rock, reggae and indie influences. Zox melds them all together into a cohesive whole, but unfortunately, many get underused in favor of creating a more-than-typical college “this is cool” album.

Not to say that The Wait is bland, because that is far from the truth. Zox has put together a nicely crafted album with thoughtful lyrics (at times), progressive structures and some great melodic work with the guitars and violin.

Violin? Did I just say violin, the notoriously most-hated rock instrument of Chronicle Asst. A&E Editor Eryn Green and the Associated Students of the University of Utah’s first requirement for any band wishing to play a show on campus (any band who has the “guts” to use a violin is “hardcore,” dude)? Let’s just say Spencer Swain’s technique and role exceeds that of that other guy from that other band.

Plus, the dude shreds. I’ve seen his live performance.

The Wait, on the other hand, doesn’t showcase the type of energy Zox’s shows do, and that’s a huge letdown.