Student section MUSS support more sports

By By The Chronicle's View

By The Chronicle’s View

The Mighty Utah Student Section, or MUSS, is often cited as a shining example of a student organization that has provided numerous benefits to the U.

While the MUSS undeniably lends to the atmosphere at Ute football, gymnastics and men’s basketball games, the group is noticeably absent in support of the 12 other U teams, including baseball, soccer and women’s basketball.

The actions of the MUSS make it clear that it places more priority on the more popular events, and thus falls short of meeting its intended goal: improving crowd participation for ALL sports at the U.

Sure, the MUSS packs Rice-Eccles Stadium, but the football team is easy to follow. Alex Smith and Urban Meyer created a lasting legacy for a program that was already among the Mountain West’s elite. Much of the credit for increased fan support during Meyer’s era went to the MUSS-and rightfully so-but most of the increase was because of the team’s success. Time has yet to tell if the MUSS’ fervent support will withstand the doldrums of prolonged losing seasons.

Yet winning alone doesn’t account for its selectivity. The women’s soccer and volleyball teams are currently very competitive, and the women’s basketball team nearly reached the Final Four last year.

There is no good reason, other than a lack of respect for or knowledge about those sports, that the MUSS would overlook their accomplishments. If its goal is truly to provide support for Ute athletes-and not just the teams it already roots for as students-then it needs to make an increased effort to support all teams at the U, not just the big three.

School spirit is unconditional, and people shouldn’t decide their allegiances based on what specific sport or sex is competing. While it’s possible that less-known sports aren’t as entertaining, they gain far more from your added support than the football team, which won’t notice your absence or silence.

Unless the MUSS devotes itself to fair and balanced support, it is the duty of current Ute fans to create their own networks of support for the U’s unfairly unheralded sports.

The MUSS isn’t doing enough.