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It’s an odd way to think about it, but when the U football and basketball teams play at home, there is more than one type of sport that happens in the arena during the duration of the game.Your eyes aren’t betraying you-for the remainder of this editorial, the Crimson Line dancers will be referred to as athletes. Their craft is an athletic event of its own.The Crimson Line is, perhaps, one of the most unappreciated groups of athletes on this campus. Members work just as hard, and put in the same effort as everyone else, but when it’s their time to shine, people are usually too busy buying chilidogs, expanding their waistbands and emptying their bladders to notice the women out there doing their thing.Why do they rock? Well, for starters, most of the women have been dancing their whole lives. Now in the Crimson Line, they have to practice at least 15 hours a week, if not more when there are other sporting events at which they have to perform. Talk about a lot of dedication.Some would say that dancing is an easy thing to do, but it actually takes a lot of coordination, especially for the ladies of the Crimson Line. The Crimson Line has to coordinate not only with the cheerleaders, but also with the band, which plays some of the music to which the Crimson Line choreographs its music.In addition to all their dedication and coordination, in order to be on the line the women have to maintain a 3.0 GPA and participate in community service projects and fund-raisers.So not only are they great dancers, but they are smart and caring humanitarians.If you don’t love them after knowing all this, there is a hole in your chest where your heart is supposed to be.But, when it comes down to it, you don’t love the football team because its members get good grades or break for the elderly, you love them because they are great at their sport.Well, the Crimson Line is extraordinary at its sport.So at the next football game when halftime rolls around, yes, take a second to go to the bathroom, but hurry back to your seat and show the Crimson Line some love for doing what it’s great at-dancing exuberantly and entertaining you.