Zundel was wrong

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While I agree with Aaron Zundel that the shooting in Montreal is a wake-up call in the continuing debate over the university’s policy regarding students’ rights to carry firearms on campus, I seriously question the interpretation of the events he presented in his column (“Don’t shoot the Messenger, but?: Guns may have helped in Montreal,” Sept. 14).

Specifically, I’d like to know why Zundel believes other students being armed in Montreal would have made the situation less disturbing. The instincts followed by the people quoted in Zundel’s essay were correct. If someone starts shooting in public, you should run away and/or seek cover. Pulling out your own weapon and confronting someone turns the situation into a multi-weapon shootout, and will only increase the possibility of? MORE people being harmed. Zundel was correct when he stated that our world includes people that do “rotten stuff.” We should all take the time to think about how, if we are ever confronted with a situation like this, we need to respond to protect ourselves.

Finally, Zundel needs to check his facts before going to press. There was only one person killed and 19 injured in the assault.

Daryl A. MaxwellAlumnus