Frost spews filth

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This is in response to Ruthanne Frost’s editorial (“The U: Mormon rumspringa,” Sept. 15) and the impact it had on some of us.

I’ll tell you why you lost your testimony, Frost: because you grew up and finally stopped believing in fairytales. By growing up I don’t mean you became smarter. From reading your article I think I became stupider, thank you very much.

Call me crazy but it seems like you did some of that powdering of the nose off toilet seats you spoke of. By the way, good for you that your church records weren’t removed because then the church wouldn’t be able to take away your tithing, and their numbers might go down.

I spoke to some Catholics across the street and they were hurt that half-witted people find them boring. I suggested they start a “toilet snorting club,” but they said no.

Here is a rule of thumb I like to live by: If crap is the only thing that comes out of your mouth, let’s be considerate and only share them with the only one that cares-the toilet.

Ali Tefaj

Senior, ESL