BYU transfer’s rumspringa additions

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Once I read RuthAnne Frost’s column (“Mormon?Rumspringa,” Sept. 15), I had to comment on how much I enjoyed?it-since mine may be the only non-hate-mail letter?regarding it.

Here are a few “Lies?your bishop told you” to elaborate on the great ones?Frost already stated. ?

1. R-rated movies are bad, do not watch them.?Oh, and I suppose stories about countless wars and the?horrible deaths of some people from the book our?religion is based upon are a lot better than R-rated?movies??

2. Elaborating on Frost’s, “church is more?interesting when you go to college”:?I think they mean that if you go to BYU, church is?more interesting. While attending BYU, all I?noticed is how much they push us to go get married so?we can start repopulating right away (I have heard a?stake president say this-it’s not made up). So,?I’m supposed to support a wife, kids, pay for school,?cars and a house. Sure, no problem!

3. Provo is the place to be.?Yeah, if you like playing the dating game 24-7. I? found that dating out there is like a job interview. Since “dating is intended to start preparing to go to the?temple,” I noticed most of my?dates take into consideration that “I may marry this?guy, so I’d better ask him 6,460,466 questions about?his church status.” Then, in institute class, a?teacher said dating is just getting to know someone?while having a fun time. I like it much better here.

Logan Jensen

Junior, Pre-Pharmacy