Lock it up

By By Ana Breton and By Ana Breton

By Ana Breton

Students worried about having their belongings stolen in the Union can rest a little easier with a new addition to Crimson Commons.

Thirty-six new lockers have been installed on the first floor of the Union between the bowling alley and the food court.

The lockers were added after students stopped using the old ones near the Union bowling alley, said Eric Hu, executive director of the Union Programming Council.

Because this is a trial run for the lockers, he said, location was key to its success with students.

“We placed the lockers in a high-traffic area so they could benefit commuter students who come and go all the time,” Hu said. “It’s an essential addition for students who don’t want to carry heavy books while they eat.”

Hu said he hopes the lockers will also prevent thefts in the coming year. Sheri Young, Union administrative assistant, said two wallets, two sets of keys and a leather jacket have been stolen from the Union so far this year.

To both lock and unlock the red and white lockers, users need only create a four-digit code on a keypad. Codes are automatically erased after the lockers are unlocked, so a new code must be created every time a locker is used.

“The lockers are fine by me,” said Phil Boyd, a senior in engineering. “I would rather not have the keypads, though, and bring my own lock.”

Even though the lockers are free, any items found in them will be disposed of every Friday night by the Union staff.

Some students do not think the project, which cost around $5,000, was worth it.

“I will probably not use them,” said Candice Knight, a senior in engineering. “I usually carry all my stuff around with me, and I tend to feel safer when it’s right by my side.”

Whether or not more lockers are put in will depend on student use, Hu said.

Ryan Perkins

Mike Terry

Students pass by new lockers in the Union’s Crimson Commons that will open for use Thursday, allowing students to store their belongings free of charge.