Picard fo’ life

By By Mark Mitchell

By Mark Mitchell

Time to slick back your hair, put on your cleanest silk Dragon Ball Z club shirt and get out your Star Trek commemorative plates-Mountain-Con is upon us.

Salt Lake City’s fan-organized science fiction convention is commemorating 40 years of Star Trek during its second annual celebration, Sept. 22 through 24. Undoubtedly up for debate will be the sexiness of Captain Kirk versus Captain Picard’s chrome-domed suaveness, whether “Star Trek” or “Star Wars” is the better series and who is wearing the most authentic level-six white wizard costume (Insider’s Tip: Picard is quite sexy, Star Wars and felt is NOT authentic level-six white wizard material. Get thee to a haberdashery!).

Included on the guest list is Richard Hatch, Apollo on the original “Battlestar Galactica,” Tom Zarek from the current series, Walter Koeing from the original “Star Trek” and Michael Quinn, who worked as a puppeteer on the “Star Wars” films. A professional Roswell investigator, a Ghost Hunters detective and some authors, illustrators and super-fans will also be in attendance.

Other activities and panels include question-and-answer sessions with all the guests, a costume contest, Kid-Con children’s programming, autographs, photos with the guests, gaming and an anime room. The Dealer’s Room will be open for various dealers covering gaming, comics, science fiction, costuming, fantasy and more to sell their wares.

All attendees are encouraged to dress in costume, but are advised that they should be in good taste. Over-accessorized buckle-and-zipper ensembles that leave one resembling a rodeo dominatrix are not recommended, unless presented in a proper science-fiction context.