Prints, prints, prints

By By Victoria Johnson and By Victoria Johnson

By Victoria Johnson

Pretty pictures. Pretty, pretty pictures. Right here on campus for all to see.

Three print shows are on display at the Alvin Gittins Gallery in the Art Building until Oct. 4 and include works by students, faculty and working artists from around the country.

Justin Diggle, assistant professor of printmaking, and Stefanie Dykes, a former U art student, organized the exhibit, which includes lithographic, relief, intaglio, screen and letterpress prints.

The first show is a collection of 18 prints in the shape of jigsaw pieces that have been assembled into one continuous piece, titled “The Illusory Panorama.”

Diggle created the jigsaw templates and asked artists from around the country to make prints to connect and create a complete panorama.

“It’s an interchange of ideas, but in physical form,” he said.

Diggle said he was inspired by the tradition in art of the “exquisite corpse,” or a collaboration in which each artist sees only the end of the previous addition to the piece.

The second show is a selection of prints from the Southern Graphics Council Annual Exchange Portfolio, a conference in Madison, Wis., that several U art students attended in April.

Each of the participants made 12 prints, kept one and then received 11 random prints from other conference goers. So the display includes a print from a U student and 11 prints created by students or faculty from other art institutions. The prints are double-sided and hung in plastic bags so they can be flipped.

The third show is a collection of prints by current graduate and undergraduate students from the U art department. There is no theme for this show and the prints are of various sizes and media.

The show is free to the public and the gallery is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m to 5 p.m.

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