Sim Gill is a great candidate

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This letter is in response to yesterday’s article by Dustin Gardiner (“Hinckley debate highlights differences among district attorney candidates,” Sept. 28).

First, I think it is important that voters understand one clear distinction between Sim Gill and his opponents. Gill is the only candidate for Salt Lake County district attorney who has ever prosecuted a felony.

Second, I would like to add some context to Gardner’s quote from Gill, “Dollar for dollar, we are killing ourselves by (imprisoning) every meth addict.” As chief prosecutor for Salt Lake City, Gill has helped create programs like Mental Health Court and Misdemeanor Drug Court that offer medication and treatment to those individuals who can be safely transitioned out of the jail system.

For example, someone with a mental illness can be treated with $5,000-to-$6,000 worth of medication per year, transition out of the jail system, and recidivate at a much lower rate than a mentally ill person who does not receive treatment.

Gill’s programs save taxpayers money and address the problems of addiction. Gill believes that those who profit off of other’s addictions-drug dealers, for instance-deserve to be locked up.

James Seaman

Graduate Student, History

Campaign Manager, Sim Gill for District Attorney of Salt Lake County