Zalkind’s cartoon devalues humanity

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After seeing Jenni Zalkind’s cartoon in the Sept. 27 issue of The Chronicle, I am ashamed to admit to anyone that I actually read this paper.

The cartoon featuring the life of a student with and without a child marginalizes and demeans children. It casts them as nuisances that only create problems for those around them. It insinuates that life is much better without them, and that they are easily gotten rid of by the recently available plan B contraceptive.

This is an ignorant and negligent idea. Children are a blessing in our lives. They bring joy and love into the world. I look forward to the day that I will have my own to raise and to love. You have either ignorantly forgotten these points or maliciously ignored them in order to promote what you see as a better way of life sans children or responsibility for your own sexual escapades.

Now, before you classify me as another member of this “state’s unique populace” as so often happens in editorials in this paper, I want to say that I am a strong supporter of contraceptives, programs that promote responsible sexual activity, and even abortion as a necessary medical procedure. These are integral parts of our free and responsible society and should be protected as rights. Your views give license for irresponsible actions that should be found offensive by people on both sides of this issue.

Allen Ludington

Senior, Chemistry