Police Report: Meds, drugs and videotape

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Choking hazard

Sept. 2

A verbal exchange at a Real Salt Lake soccer game escalated to the point where one person lunged at another and grabbed the second person’s neck. Charges are pending.

Man off-board

Sept. 4

An officer was dispatched to the University Village on a report of snow boarders using a stair railing as a riding surface. Seven people were cited for criminal trespass. They had videotaped themselves riding the rail; the tape was seized and will be used as evidence against them.

Cookie monster

Sept. 5

A man reported that someone had stolen his food from a refrigerator in the Architecture Building.

Check on it

Sept. 6

A resident of the University Village sold a couch through an online classified Web site. The buyer of the couch sent the seller a check for $3,000 for a $675 purchase, asking that the seller deposit the check and wire back the difference. The seller did as asked and then discovered that the check was drawn on a closed account.

Signed sin

Sept. 13

A signed print of a painting titled “O Jerusalem” was stolen from the LDS Institute of Religion. The framed print was bolted to a wall in the main foyer. The thief removed the print and left a smaller unsigned version of the same painting in its place.

Missing meds

Sept. 14

A student living in student housing reported that someone stole her prescription medication from her medicine cabinet.

In a bad light

Sept. 15

Three projectors were stolen from the Officer’s Club near student housing.

There’s no place like home


A U hospital security officer found a man sleeping in the Widstoe building. The officer recognized the man and knew he had been previously warned about sleeping in campus buildings. The security officer called for a police officer, who then arrested the man for trespassing.

Flight nurse reaches low point

Sept. 20

University police received a report that an AirMed nurse may have been diverting drugs from patients for his personal benefit.


Sept. 21

A man taking part in RedFest activities was arrested for intoxication and illegal alcohol consumption.

Compiled by Ana Breton