Sine is behind the curve

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Some of The Chronicle staff must have forgotten that living in a free country means we have rights and responsibilities. In “The U should not be blamed for lack of minorities” (Sept. 29), Lindsey Sine claims, “The burden of [eliminating the education gap] lies with the Utah State Legislature.”

Call me old fashioned, but I think the burden of getting children to desire a college education should be carried by parents.

Also, Sine claims that “Every scholarship, study and field trip that the U provides to minorities is worthy,” but doesn’t tell us what it is worthy of. Worthy of using tax money to favor one group over another? Worthy of using student fees to support programs that only benefit a few?

Rights come with responsibilities. If you want to have a government provide everything for you and eliminate all personal responsibilities, move to a country that doesn’t have rights.

J.D. Bowns

Junior, Finance