International students seek fear and fun at haunted house

By By Natalie Hale and By Natalie Hale

By Natalie Hale

International students ventured into Rocky Point Haunted House on Wednesday night to experience a unique cultural tradition in the United States.

About 13 brave souls proceeded into the “haunted” warehouse, which has been voted the “No. 1 Haunted attraction” by Utah’s Best of State competition.

“I am very scared to go because of all the things that I have heard are inside,” said Secil Pacaci, a doctorate student in economics from Turkey.

Others were not so nervous about venturing in and saw it as a fun activity and opportunity to de-stress, as screaming is encouraged.

“I’m here because my friend wanted me to come and because the girls get scared and need someone to hold on to,” said Geoff Hunter, a doctorate student in mathematics from Canada.

None of the students had attended a haunted house venue before, so this experience was new and shocking for some.

Emerging from the final chainsaw room, the huddled group quickly made its way out. Many students were laughing, but others looking a little less than amused.

“I won’t go back, I feel like I just watched 50 horror movies simultaneously,” Pacaci said of the experience.

“I loved it, I thought the whole thing was so cool; my favorite was the tunnel. I tried to focus on the light at the door at the end of it so I wouldn’t get dizzy. I screamed a lot, too,” Hunter said.

The group’s general consensus was that the activity was very fun. The most popular parts were the room with neon dot covered walls and people who were hidden in it and the spinning tunnel.

Peter Thomas, a senior in mechanical engineering and Spanish who is also an ambassador to international students from the U, has been taking students to Rocky Point for the past three years.

“I think that this gives them a good American experience, because as far as I know, nowhere else in the world besides the United States has as elaborate haunted houses. Plus, it’s really fun,” Thomas said.

Mike Terry

International student Li Sun from Beijing, China walks past the front doorman of the Rocky Point Haunted House with Hongbo Pang, also from Beijing, on Wednesday.