Who’s ready for a draft?

By Shandette Woodward

Yet another disastrous situation looms overhead for the American people and the international community, the newest in a recent line of headaches. First was Afghanistan, then Iraq, and next came Iran.

But these problem areas did not disrupt the typical American’s everyday life. They are significant issues that are costing lives on both sides of the dispute, but we have not yet had to experience the lifestyle our grandparents had to survive during the last world war and our parents during the Vietnam War.

Do we realize the implications it may have in the near future if North Korea is not dealt with strongly?

According to William Pingree, a professor of politics at the U, the issues in North Korea and Iran are linked. Iran is watching closely how the international community reacts to Kim Jong Il and his obvious defiance.

And just how will the world react?

North Korea’s “declared successful” nuclear bomb test defied previous sanctions imposed by the international community-sanctions that were ratified by all nations except China.

China did tell Kim not to test nuclear weapons. But, big surprise, Kim rebelled and went ahead with the tests-throwing sand in China’s face. Now, with China coming over to our side, additional sanctions are being discussed, which Kim says would constitute an act of war.

Are the sanctions an act of war? It depends on the intended sanctions.

President Bush is encouraging six party talks, which would include North Korea, South Korea, the United States, Japan, China and Russia. However, if North Korea does not comply with Bush’s request, there has been talk of a blockade, which is pretty clearly an act of war.

Pingree has said that the chance of a draft is currently 50-50. But with an outbreak of war with North Korea, he predicts that the probability would increase to 70-30.

I’m sure there are many who instantly cringe at the thought of the United States picking another fight, but have you considered what may happen if we don’t deal with North Korea fiercely?

Iran is paying attention. If we act weakly, it would only embolden Iran to continue its path of nuclear weapon discovery, which has a high possibility of throwing us into a war with Iran.

If that happens, you might as well say “auf wiedersehen” to most guys on campus. Men between the ages of 18 and 30 will be targeted for a virtually guaranteed draft-and being in a university won’t help you. Previous wars were careful when it came to drafting married men and men enrolled in college, but they wouldn’t have that luxury this time.

And what happens if, God forbid, Iran and North Korea join forces? Political consultants and theorists have not yet defined the possibility of this happening. Then again, who predicted that Kim-with his small and starving country-would be so insane to defy the entire world?

Pingree has high hopes that the six party talks will actually take place and North Korea will be brought in line. Hopefully, through diplomacy, we can strive to avoid more wars.

If North Korea continues on this path of lunacy the chance of one or two wars is just around the corner, and a draft, which affects your life and mine, is definite.