Where is the love?

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The Ute student section was a sad sight in Laramie on Saturday afternoon.

Without cheerleaders, the band, Crimson Line or even Swoop to coordinate its efforts, the double-digit strong contingent whimpered the school’s song six times in succession.

Later during the 31-15 drubbing at the hands of the Homecoming-inspired Wyoming Cowboys, the beleaguered section switched to two alternating chants.

“Er-ic Wed-dle!” and “Fi-re Lud-wig!”

When the Utah players moped over to the section for a final serving of “Utah Man” with their heads hung in shame and their helmets held at their numbers, it looked like a funeral ceremony. Fittingly so, perhaps, since the loss likely marked the end for the U’s hopes of taking the Mountain West Conference title and the demise of the fervent fan support that had accompanied our brief flirtation with pigskin fame.

Laramie isn’t as far away as Pasadena, yet the Ute support staff showed up with horns, pom-poms and batons six weeks ago against UCLA. The atmosphere that those people provide is important to the U’s performance, and they didn’t even care enough to make the drive.

Granted, Wyoming isn’t as cozy a destination as Southern California, but it seems quite clear that “support” for the Ute football team hinges squarely on the success of the Ute football team. When the “Mighty Utah” offense became Anemic, so did the Student Section. And that spells bad things for the current coaching staff.

The masses are fed up with the current direction of this Ute football team, and the body language of the players suggests that the same can be said for them as well.

Andy Ludwig-to the common football observer who couldn’t possibly understand the intricacies of Ludwig’s mind, at least-seems as predictable as the sunrise.

Nobody on the Ute coaching staff ever takes responsibility for anything that happens, either. The Ute coaches would be well served to confront problems head on-with slightly more emotion than a grazing cow-and own up to their shortcomings. That way we’re at least assured they’re aware that they have shortcomings and that they’re seeking solutions.

Their lack of passion and responsibility trickles down to the players on the field. Their play then loses the interests of the fans.

All of a sudden, there’s little life to a program that was thriving mere months ago.