ASUU clarifies budget info


ASUU strongly feels that its position should be articulated in response to the recent article (“Lump sum remains at large in ASUU: Campaign promise unfulfilled, student groups yet to receive funding,” Oct. 11). With this recent article, and past articles, it is apparent that The Chronicle is either not understanding the 2006-2007 fiscal year budget or is simply refusing to acknowledge the ongoing effort of this administration to proactively fund student groups.

Two things are important for The Chronicle to understand so that it may accurately report issues regarding the Associated Students of the University of Utah’s budget (specifically, the lump sum for student groups).

1. Aside from a major increase in student funding (which The Chronicle consistently downplays), there is, in fact, a lump sum in the budget dedicated to student groups! That portion of the budget is simply not earmarked as a “lump sum for student groups.” This lump sum (and you can rest assured that it does, in fact, exist) is located within the executive branch of ASUU and is under the discretion of Student Body President Jacob Kirkham. For example, LGBT recently applied for funds from the executive branch (where the lump sum resides) and was approved for $40,000. This is a campaign promise at work.

2. Your unsigned editorial (“Student-group funding promises need to be fulfilled,” Oct. 11), suggests that the finance board has not “granted a single request from student groups for funding.” This claim is not represented by fact. Half of the funds available through the budget process have been allocated to student groups and are available for their use. In fact, this money has been available for student group use since August. We can also report without hesitation that the finance board is diligently working to examine the few remaining applications and disperse funds in an expedient way.

The BLOC Party promised a lump sum to student groups, and that promise has been fulfilled.

Cameron Beech

ASUU Spokesman

Kacey Kalian

Director, Finance Board