Heritage Center to be updated for more modern look

By By Celeste Chaney

By Celeste Chaney

The convenience store inside the Heritage Center will receive a facelift this Winter Break after much planning and anticipation, said Heritage Center Director Jim Rowan.

“We’re gutting everything,” Rowan said as he described what the redesigned convenience store will offer. “The remodel will be aesthetic, but we’re adding features as well.”

Rowan said a few things in the store- such as the Coke machine-will be staying, and that a smoothie machine, Barista coffee, a deli, a grill and a fryer will be added to provide “fresher, more desirable food.”

Rowan also said the menus, which have not yet been written, will be constructed based on student suggestions.

Electrical engineer Scott Johnson, from the campus design and construction department, said, “The convenience store will be opened up for more access to the students. New furniture and cabinets will be provided. Colors and finishes will be improved to make the area more appealing.”

Rowan said that once completed, the store will be more visually appealing and look more “21st century.”

“It could definitely use it. I don’t know how much of a campus priority it is, but (the store) could be more modern; it’s kind of outdated,” said Alison Kunz, a freshman communication major and an employee at the Heritage Center convenience store.

The estimated budget for the convenience store is $200,000, but Rowan said, “(people) don’t know that Chartwells is funding a large portion. It’s not coming (directly) out of university funds.”

Aside from the convenience store, the Heritage Center student lobby will also be remodeled with an estimated budget of $60,000. Chartwells will not be contributing to that redesign.

Johnson said both remodeling projects will begin after finals week and “will be substantially complete in January 2007.”

“(The remodel) will bring more people in. It will make it a better place to go with more options,” Kunz said.