Ute ‘fans’ should be ashamed of themselves


As a Ute fan, I am deeply saddened by the loss suffered at the hands of Wyoming last Saturday. I work with many people who either attended BYU or wished that they had. As such, I take a great deal of abuse at the hands of the Cougar fans when the Utes lose.

Conversely, I am able to ?dish out the same kind of trash-talking when BYU loses (which, in recent years, has been quite a bit). During the rivalry talk, one of the things I hear from the BYU fans is how much the Ute supporters are bandwagon ?fans. This is one area where I have never been able to find a rebuttal.

It is true. When the Ute football team was nationally ranked and knocking on the door of the Fiesta Bowl, everyone was wearing red. Games were packed and everyone was supportive. Now Ute fans are ?nowhere to be found. All we hear now is, “fire Ludwig,” “fire Kyle” and “the sky is falling.” Here at the U, we are great at supporting our teams through the good times, but we drop them when times get tough. If you are going to support Utah athletics, do so through ?thick and thin.

The only thing worse than not having fans is having ?fans that aren’t there when you need them the most.

Chris Shirley

Staff, University Hospital