Ain’t no mtn. good enough


I’m having trouble figuring out why the Mountain West made the deal with Comcast. Utah gave the conference a great deal of credibility with its Fiesta Bowl win a couple of years ago, and the conference was really primed to take a step up. Now the conference is basically invisible to the majority of the country.

This is likely to have a host of adverse consequences (e.g., recruiting, football fans’ inference that the reason Mountain West teams aren’t featured on ESPN is inferiority of the conference). I’ve been away from Salt Lake City for eight years and admit that I don’t know much about the reasoning behind the decision, but I can attest that the Mountain West generally-and Utah specifically- has completely vanished from the college football landscape here in the northeast. This is a big-time shame in my opinion.

Steve Posavac


Associate Dean and Professor

Simon School of Business

University of Rochester