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Directed by Larry Charles

You’ve seen him on HBO and read his “bloggings” on MySpace. Now see Sacha Baron Cohen’s anti-Semitic, misogynistic and totally hilarious Kazakhstani TV reporter Borat on the “moviefilm” screen.

He’s on assignment in America, tasked with studying our culture and spreading his “learnings” to his people back home.

If Borat manages to “make romance inside” Pamela Anderson, as he dreams of doing, he might also spread something else in his country… (R)

“Flushed Away”

Directed by David Bowers and Sam Fell

Speaking of dirty viruses, the sewer rats in this computer-animated adventure may look cute and friendly, but they’re actually only slightly cleaner than Pamela Anderson.

Roddy (AKA Posh Rat) is voiced by Hugh Jackman, this year’s recipient of the “Damn, That Jude Law’s in Everything!” Award. (PG)

“The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause”

Directed by Michael Lembeck

I dunno, I think the title needs another awkward “the” in it. How about “The Santa Clause the Third: The Escape the Clause?” Yeah, that flows better.

Tim Allen’s Santa duels with Martin Short’s Christmas-usurping Jack Frost. Finally, that “Jungle-2-Jungle” reunion we’ve all been waiting for. (PG)

“The Queen”

Directed by Stephen Frears

Yeah, we goofed when we said this was coming out two weeks ago.

When asked to comment on The Chronicle’s mistake, Queen Elizabeth II offered no reply, preferring to criticize the paper privately and with dignity. Some people never learn. (PG-13)

“Jesus Camp”

Directed by Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady

Magnolia Pictures should have released this in time for Halloween-there’s nothing scarier than a congregation of overzealous Christians.

In this eye-opening documentary, extremely devout children attend a religious summer camp called “Kids on Fire,” which sounds perfectly safe. (NR)


Directed by John Cameron Mitchell

Apparently, the rampant sex in this movie is un-simulated (“Shortbus” refers to a weekly pleasure-fest the characters attend, all orientations welcome).

This was a stylistic choice made by the director, who wishes to demystify sex by making us watch explicit amounts of it.

So why pay $7.50 when we can lift the veil of mystery ourselves on the Internet? I once caught my friend “demystifying” himself when I entered his room without knocking. (NR)


“Bottle Rocket”

Directed by Wes Anderson

Luke and Owen Wilson play incompetent bank robbers in Wes Anderson’s first film, made in the good old days before his movies were about more than just people in silly costumes. (R)