Student on the street

“I saw a wolf with a long nose and a long tail. It was very funny.”- Sophie Redureau, Senior, Marketing

“The weirdest thing I saw was a nose lying on the bathroom floor.”- Tara Poelzing, Graduate student, Parks, Recreation and Tourism

“I saw a guy dressed as a Smurf full-on, blue face-paint and everything.”- Shannon Hansen, Junior, Civil Engineering

“A breathalyzer. The guy just wore a box and the tube was just, you know?”- Quinn Kendall, Freshman, Business

“I like the witch-lady in the cafeteria.”-Lucia Dzugas, Senior, International Studies

“I saw a Wookie outfit that was pretty sweet.”-Jeremy Wilkins, Senior, English

“I won third place in Colorado at a costume party this weekend. I was Poison Ivy.”-Gwen Bolick, Senior, Sociology

“Bubblegum under a shoe.”- Emily McLaughlin, Freshman, Ballet

“I haven’t seen any good ones this year. I guess the best I saw was a guy dressed as a Puffs box that said ‘blow me.”- Brett Larsen, Junior, Psychology

“I saw a girl dressed as Willy Wonka that was really good.”- Ashley Helm, Freshman, Pre-nursing