KUTE does too have listeners!


I have had a show on KUTE student radio for the past ?three semesters and in no way does KUTE not have ?listeners. Judging from the number of calls I received ?on air on my show last Thursday, I’d say KUTE has a considerable audience. Some of these calls were from, ?dare I say, off campus as well. I even received a call ?from Colorado from a friend of a student here at the?U. How on Earth did someone from Colorado listen to my ?show? See below.

I agree with Harry Haines’ letter (“ASUU?actions mimic media conglomerates,” Oct. 31) in that ASUU wants control of KUTE and will stop at nothing to shut ?it down. I ask of my very student government to not ?make rash decisions before there is adequate evidence ?that the station is failing, because from my ?standpoint, it is not.

Jake Kirkham stated in a recent news article (“KUTE funding cut may require Redbook change,” Oct. 31) that he feels nobody is ?listening. I have a question; Did he ever advertise ?his show?

Granted, most students don’t even know what KUTE is ?and our nonexistent AM transmitter doesn’t help, either. ?But people will listen if you let them know about your show. It is called word of mouth. KUTE should ?advertise more, because if you let people know about ?it, they will come.

There is your answer of how I received a call from a ?listener in Colorado-word of mouth. I urge my fellow ?disc jockeys to advertise their shows, as it really does help. I ?urge ASUU to take a serious look at how important KUTE is, as one of the few media outlets the university has to offer. I find it to have great ?educational value, and it is also very entertaining to ?listen to.

I bet ASUU doesn’t even listen to the station at all, let alone the students it represents.

Justin Wolffing

Senior, Film Studies