Censoring hurt Banned at BYU

In response to some common misconceptions concerning the Academic Freedom panel that occurred on the evening of October 27th, I would like to clarify a few issues. It has been stated by some that censoring the name and format of the panel was a good move by ASUU as it likely saved the university from a loss of support and funding by the legislature. I believe that President Kirkham and Vice President Collett made the decision with the students’ best interest in mind. Unfortunately the result may be that while we find the university well funded we will have lost the purpose for its existence. Freedom of speech and inquiry are the foundation of an education and it is impossible to discover the truth in any subject matter without them. Where one transgression against these liberties is to be found there are sure to be more nearby. I can attest that this is true through my experience here. The result of the panel being changed was not a more balanced presentation but rather a lack of balance. Because the panel was changed to not focus on BYU the representative of that school who was planned to provide BYU’s point of view was not allowed to be invited. While I believe the panel was a success we all lost something by not being able to hear both sides. Jared KublyVice Chair of SpeakersPresenter’s Office, ASUU