Letter: Bible should not be used for education


I would like to respectfully disagree with Andrew Kirk’s editorial (“No one is really educated if he or she hasn’t read the Bible,” Nov. 13) meant to incite all to read the Bible to be considered educated. The Bible has moreviolence, sexual situations, contradictions and evil than any other book in the history of mankind. It advocates discrimination and hate while preaching tolerance and love-how can I understand the overall message of such a work of fiction?

Certainly not “education.” Interpretations of this book have led to wars and worse yet, religion. The council that voted on which books would make the final draft are clearly bigoted and misogynistic to say the least. It is a sad day when a campus newspaper would encourage young minds to delve into this den of iniquity and I, for one, will not allow my future children to read such rubbish.

Beth Sallay