BSU and MEChA are upset for no reason

Editor:When something like the recent article (“Minority groups vexed over Crimson Nights: UPC changes events to be more racially sensitive,” Nov. 13) comes out, I usually bottle my frustration and slowly develop cancer from the internalized anger, but this time I have to speak out.

The fact that the Black Student Union and MEChA are completely offended at the use of some things that may be tied to their culture is not only ridiculous, but the basis of just about every problem this world has.

They have turned the intolerance that others have shown them into an excuse hurl a greater intolerance back at the culture they have assimilated into. Perhaps being the white Christian male that I am, I should take offense at the seven deadly sins theme in its entirety, and I should ruin everyone else’s fun just because I think that they should all think like I do.

There was no major transgression on the part of UPC. Perhaps a lack of taste, but nothing further. As soon as Crimson Nights becomes “Genocide is Fun for all Ages,” then action may be required.

Cameron Sheya Junior, Geology