If KUTE leaves, it may never return

Editor:I graduated from the U in 1996 and went to the University of Wyoming, where I am a professor in the communication department. I was rather dismayed to learn that KUTE may no longer be supported by the U.

One of my key assignments is to teach radio. Students here at UW were particularly disturbed that there was no radio station operated by and for students. There have been several attempts by students to start a radio station here, but the funding to start a station from scratch is impossible to get, and students remain frustrated that no one is serving their needs by radio.

I hope that the U will realize what a valuable resource it has in KUTE, and if it should disappear, it may never return. I urge students and others at the U to find a way to make KUTE relevant so it can continue to serve students and return to an important position in students’ lives. If not, please send the studio to us here at UW; we have a number of students who would put it to good use.

Michael Brown

AlumnusDirector of Graduate StudiesCommunication and JournalismUniversity of Wyoming