U looks to win Rivalry Week food drive

By By Jade Gray

By Jade Gray

The annual U vs. BYU food drive is up and running in honor of Rivalry Week. All proceeds, including money and food, will benefit the Utah Food Bank for the holiday season.

The Utah Food Bank fed more than 1.4 million Utahns last year and distributed more than 22 million pounds of food, according to its Web site.

Rivalry Week revolves around the biggest football game of the year for many U students, and the most loyal fans are expected to pull ahead in the food-donating tally.

John Folsom, director of the event, explained that in order to win Rivalry Week, the school must win two of the three events–monetary donations, food donations and the football game.

“Last year, we won the money donation and they won the food donation,” Folsom said. “The tiebreaker was the football game and we won, so we won Rivalry Week.”

Saturday is the last day to donate, and donations will be accepted at the game.

Students can also donate food or money at the Alumni House and online at alumni.utah.edu.

Kim Peterson

Kavita Gupta sells T-shirts and spreads the word about Asha (translated as “hope”), an educational aid organization in India, at Rangoli last Saturday in the Union.

Kim Peterson

Doctoral candidate Kavita Gupta finds copies of Polymer Journal in the Marriott Library for research she conducts to find ways to protect women from the spread of HIV and AIDS caused by intercourse.