Uninspired and pretty good

By By Jesse Peterson

By Jesse Peterson

Rest Inside the Flames36 Crazy FistsDRT EntertainmentThree out of five stars

36 Crazy Fists, named after a movie starring Jackie Chan, has come out with its highly anticipated third release, Rest Inside the Flames, and from all outward appearances, it’s a picture-perfect record.

And that’s what they want us to think.

Beautiful melodies, some heart-rending lyrics and heavy breakdowns characterize the record. Birthed and shaped in Alaska, 36 Crazy Fists has the unique edge of bringing different images, perspectives and sounds to the musical smorgasbord. Brock Lindow, Steve Holt (not to be confused with the most popular kid in school-G.O.B.’s son), Mike Whitney and Thomas Noonan are bound to be one of the best emo/metal/hardcore outfits out there, and Rest Inside the Flames sounds pretty good from start to finish.

Although Rest Inside the Flames exhibits 36 Crazy Fists’ own little quirks (Lindow’s vocals sometimes sound like a bleating goat), it’s too generic to be an outstanding record.

A lot of bands have great melodies and rock so hard that your ears bleed. And everyone sings about crappy relationships. For wasting an opportunity to do something different, Rest Inside the Flames is deplorable.

It’s bands like these-the ones that keep only one hand out of the corporate music machine-that perpetuate scenesters, and that’s worse than global warming or the war in Iraq (OK, not the war in Iraq, but other bad things). 36 Crazy Fists gives the slightest taste of ingenuity and then crams the same old crap down our throats.

All I can say is 36 Crazy Fists is prepped and ready to serve new legions of U.S. fans some of the finest fecal matter out there. Oh, and I know they’re just waiting to gobble it up.