Letter: Honor Code couldn’t hold me down

Editor:In response to Frank Millard’s letter (“U writers couldn’t hack it at BYU,” Dec. 1), I have one HUGE regret in life: that I went to BYU for the first four and a half years of my undergraduate college life. What a waste of four and a half years that was! Thank God I left that place right at the time when the Honor Code started to talk about banning open shoes for guys on campus because they said that the hair on a guy’s feet is an extension of his pubic hair. Good thing I trim! But you know what? I am glad there are people like you who like it so much down there. In fact we want you to stay down there and never get out. You would never hack it in the real world. I wonder why ALL of the LDS General Authorities have gotten their degrees from the U. Oh, and by the way, at least we CAN write letters to the editor up here. Say hi to all the zoobies like you down there.

Manny L. AntonacciU alumnusBYU survivor