Letter: Piper hits the nail into his own forehead


Matthew Piper really hit the nail into his own forehead with his recent column (“Gameboy Media: We’ve reached the next level in Iraq,” Dec. 1) and so did Amanda Stein in her favorable letter of it (“Media hinders U.S. efforts,” Dec. 3).

Even before we invaded Iraq, top military officials criticized the Bush administration’s strategy. Criticisms included not considering cultural facets, an undersized invasion force and a lack of strong guidelines for restructuring after invasion.

The Sunni and Shi’ite factions have long hated and killed each other. Saddam Hussein had enough wit (and/or sheer ruthlessness) to prevent this hatred from destabilizing Iraq.

These facts are to blame for Iraq’s civil war’s escalating, not the American media.

Really, did Piper or Stein just stop to think that Iraqis have their own media to inform themselves with?

Blaming the escalating violence in Iraq on American media shown to Americans is utter nonsense. It is also a dangerous and foolish step away from approving censorship of the press.

Thomas Jefferson once said, “Where the press is free and every man able ?to read, all is safe.”

However, what Jefferson should have said is, “and when every man takes the time to read, all is safe.” Piper and Stein both easily prove this.

Stewart N. Thorpe

Salt Lake Community College, Journalism